PVMG was founded on the principles of superior patient-centered care, medical excellence, and a strong collaborative work ethic. PVMG has been proudly serving the downtown LA to the greater LA county area for over 20 years. With a team of over 30 board-certified physician anesthesiologists, PVMG is highly regarded in the medical community with a reputation for first rate patient safety standards, optimizing efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

PVMG is proud of its diverse specialties in cardiac, obstetrics, pediatrics, and pain management. We specialize in all types of anesthesia, ranging from sedation to general. Our regional techniques are at the specialties forefront, including the newest techniques such as PEC blocks for chest/breast surgery and TAP’s for minimally invasive abdominal surgery.

PVMG has been entrusted by Huntington Hospital to be the sole provider of its anesthetic services. We take pride in being part of the Huntington Hospital team that was awarded as a “Center of Excellence” and received the “Healthgrades 2015 America’s 50 Best Hospital Award”.

The PVMG team has safely covered over 30,000 medical cases in the past year and is on track to surpass that amount this year. Last year we facilitated over 300 cardiac cases, 213 thoracic cases, 93 vascular cases, 3,181 obstetric cases, 6,254 orthopedic cases, and 1,319 pediatric cases.