We understand first hand the importance of teamwork. You have high standards and so do we.

What you can expect from PVMG
Close collaboration, direct communication, seamless integration into your medical facility, agile and precise decision-making in the operating room, excellent patient care and comfort, and sufficient resources to cover complex scheduling needs are what you can expect from PVMG. From the moment we begin our partnership, the PVMG on-site anesthesia team seamlessly integrates with your surgeons, nurses, and operating room staff.

The entire perioperative experience is managed efficiently and skillfully by our physician anesthesiologists, from scheduling to serving a high-performing operating room. Behind every PVMG physician anesthesiologist is a dedicated anesthesia team ready to provide additional support or backup in case of an emergency or a complication. We build that safety contingency into our standard practice. Being able to respond in seconds counts. In an ever evolving healthcare and anesthesia environment, PVMG often exceeds our healthcare partner’s expectations while enhancing our partners’ OR’s productivity by streamlining best practices.

Cardiac, obstetric, and pediatric anesthesia are specialties regularly practiced within our group. At the forefront of the discipline, PVMG blazes the trail with nerve blocks ranging from PEC, TAP, serratus anterior, to adductor canal.

Owned and operated by anesthesiologists, PVMG provides a turnkey, solutions-based approach to perioperative management.

What our healthcare partners say about PVMG:
● highly efficient in and out of the operating room
● very team-oriented
● on the forefront of anesthesia advancements
● can immediately fill any void to fulfill any anesthesia need
● can accommodate varying surgical volumes
● quick turnover of cases
● customer service driven
● excellent bedside manner

With a team-oriented approach, we:
● provide multiple layers of resources in emergencies,
● can accommodate varying surgical volumes,
● can easily handle add-on cases,
● deliver patient-centered care, and
● provide efficient and prompt coverage for all cases.

Building or upgrading an operating room or surgical center? PVMG is committed to helping our partners grow. We consult with our partners on the certification and design of their operating room, assuring industry standards are met. From patients to the operating room, we deliver the due diligence necessary for the highest quality of care.

PVMG staffs Huntington Hospital with all their anesthesiology needs, which was recently awarded as a “Center of Excellence”. We are proud to be a part in every partners’ growth.