Ensuring patient safety is our highest priority.

A sacred bond is created between you and your anesthesia care provider. The thought of surgery can be stressful, so having a highly qualified anesthesiologist and being well prepared matters. We’re here to help. Throughout the perioperative experience your PVMG anesthetist or anesthesia care team supervises your surgical procedure from preparation to recovery.

Before the operation, your anesthesiologist meets with you to start your care—beginning with a focused history and physical exam, to understand your medical history, to identify all risk factors, to inform you of your options for anesthesia, to walk you through the operation before, during, and after, and most importantly to answer all your questions or concerns. You will leave this meeting confident knowing what to expect.

During the operation, an anesthesia care team member is there to administer the anesthetic, in the operating room with you at all times, making decisions to protect and regulate your body’s vital organ systems. Your anesthesiologist monitors your vital signs, and takes all safety precautions to minimize pain and discomfort during and after surgery. No stone is left unturned. Your heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing rate or pattern, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and exhaled anesthetic concentration are all monitored closely. Your anesthesiologist carefully and skillfully adjusts anesthetic levels for each patient. As a standard practice, PVMG anesthesiologists always use antiemetics (anti-nausea drugs), to increase patient comfort. As an added safety procedure, we use the BIS (bispectral index) monitor, a technology to monitor the patient’s depth of anesthesia. If a patient is well anesthetized, waking up during surgery should not be a concern. The focus is on your safety and comfort.

After the operation, your PVMG anesthesia care team member accompanies you to the PACU (the Post Anesthesia Care Unit) or recovery room. Only until your vitals are confirmed stable, will your care team member safely transfer your care to a qualified PACU staff.

Learn everything you can about the surgery. We’ve pulled back the curtain on common questions patients often have about their anesthetic procedure. Check out our FAQ.

You Can Count On Us

  • to listen and address all your concerns
  • to care for you
  • to be your fully attentive partner throughout the whole operative process, before and after
  • to place your well-being, safety, and comfort before anything else
  • to provide the highest quality care

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